Wearable art made to order in Canada. It takes time to make art!! You can expect the creation to be delivered within 2-6 weeks. If you choose a unique fashion peice that is in Lorraine’s alcove (closet) it will be delivered  within 2 weeks!  Thank you for your patience. Please see our Shipping & Exchange info. When viewing the art wear designs please select size first, then select design type. Unless it is a one-size fits all!

Lorraine’s Signature Line

Lorraine’s Signature line is unique and practical. Many of the fashion designs are one-size fits all and are very versatile.

Art Chic +


Travel & Beach Wear

One Size Fits All

The Alcove (featured products) Let’s see what is in Lorraine’s closet?


From time to time Lorraine has an alcove or small market. These designs are limited editions! So maybe one of a kind or only one specific style in only one specific size.  You will not have to wait 6 weeks. These special creations are available now!

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