Lorraine Gibson’s whimsical abstract art is featured on all the clothing. The original art is created on canvas, wood, yupo, or terraskin. A photo of the art is then taken and sent to a company in Montreal, Canada that imprints the clothing onto material and creates the designs.

The clothing is produced on demand and the items are limited editions. You may end up owning a “one of a kind” being the only one who has “that dress”. Well actually you might be the 2nd person to own the dress because it is probably in my closet (or a family member’s closet).

My clothing, as with my art, is not to be taken too seriously. I hope you enjoy the WEARABLE ART and please contact Lorraine if you would like to own an original piece of art to go with your top! It will likely be an acrylic abstract pour

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Osoyoos, B.C.