The clothes featured on are produced in Montreal, Canada. Lorraine works with 2 production companies. The Limited edition and Signature Collection are made by Le Galeriste (Le Galeriste label), and the focus is on travel, wrinkle free clothing, & upscale classy wearable art. The clothing in the Signature Collection will have the artists signature printed on the fabric. The active series is produced by ArtofWhere (ArtofWhere label) and the focus is on affordable, stylish, clothing for an active youthful lifestyle. All the clothing has been created with original art work by Lorraine Gibson. The ArtWearChic label, Lorraine’s exclusive label, will be available soon!

Most of the material used in the manufacturing of the clothing is also produced in Canada. You will find wrinkle free, wicking material that is great for sport and an active lifestyle. Please wash the clothing on delicate cycle, cold water, and hang to dry to preserve the vibrant colours.

When you order an item it is created on demand. It will be produced in your size, once it is ordered. We do not mass produce the clothing, therefore you could end up with a “one of a kind” piece of clothing. Please refer to the sizing charts ( sizing chart Active Wear ) (sizing chart Signature Collection ) before you place your order. We can only accept returns if there is a fault during manufacturing. Sorry but we cannot accept returns if you decide it is not your colour, not your size, or change your mind. If this happens then please think about re-gifting a great piece of wearable art to a friend, family member, or colleague.


Active Wear Sizing Charts

Signature Collection Sizing Charts